Lost Series Finale

I don’t know about most of you folks but I love the TV show LOST.  This Sunday the show will actually be over, done, finished.  What will most of us “LOSTies” do when the show reaches its end?  I know that I will most likely never be attached to another show again =P  As strange as that sounds, after watching one show for 6 years I don’t think I have the energy be attached to a TV show anymore.  Other things must be done, like writing in this blog, or going outside, or playing with my dog.  LOST will always have a place within my heart and no other show shall take that place!  LOST, I will certainly miss you and your awesome characters.  Jack, John, Kate, and Sawyer.

I hope this Sunday’s episode will answer some final questions and conclude the show FANTASTICALLY.  Otherwise, there will be a lot of angry “LOSTies” in the world; and who knows what they will do.  Oh please world, do not end when there is no more LOST.


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