Red Dead Redemption

So, I have just begun this blog and I will start it off by reviewing a game we are all probably playing right now, Red Dead Redemption.

As much as we all love hijacking cars, running people over, and exploring modern cities, there has been something missing deep inside most video gamers’ hearts.  What has been missing is a truly awesome and epic Western Game.  Mark my words ladies and gentlemen, Rockstar has done it here!  Whether it is just sitting on your horse by the edge of a cliff, mesmerized by the beautiful landscape.  Or lassoing your first pedestrian and dragging him on your horse across the entire map.  Or experiencing a ton of random encounters while riding through the wilderness.  There is always something to do in Red Dead Redemption.  The world can’t help but be alive around you while you are playing within it.  There is always something going on in the background, it could be a scream or shots fired or animals growling.  Some of the time you won’t even know where these sounds are coming from.  You may hear a gunshot but never find its source, that is the beauty of this game; its mystery.

We all know the game looks beautiful and stunning.  We have seen the videos and the screenshots.  But honestly, they don’t do the game justice at all.  Until you actually play the game you won’t understand how beautiful it really is.  Rockstar has been able to create a world which looks so real that you will actually enjoy riding around from place to place.  While riding through the world you will be stunned by the lighting of the sun and the shadows created within the environment.  Watching the sunset is miraculous within the game.  The sky changes colors from blue to orange to red and it is spectacular.  The water effects are brilliant.  People’s faces have character to them.  Every person within the world is crafted with precise detail.  The graphics on your main character, John Marston, are unbelievable.  From the scars on his face, to the small bullets and dust attached to his outfits.  They are all beautifully rendered.  The particle effects within the game are so fun to watch.  Whenever a gun is fired from enemies a puff of smoke appears.  When people fall to the ground dust flies all around them from the desert.  It is all very satisfying.

A separate paragraph must be given to the rag-doll physics within Red Dead Redemption.  The second you shoot someone and they fall down realistically to the ground you will be hooked.  I was stunned when I shot a man’s gun out of his hand and then fired a second shot into his head.  His body reacted to each bullet with extreme precision.  HIs hand flung back and then his head instantly burst into blood while his lifeless body fell to the ground.  Another time I shot someone’s leg while they were running away.  They fell to the ground, rolled and then got up and tried to hop away on only one foot; I proceeded to shoot the other foot.  They fell and began to drag themselves away!  It truly is remarkable to see someone’s hand instantly move to where they were shot, in pain.  When enemies die their guns go off as they fall to the ground occasionally. It is little details like these which make a great game.  The rag-doll physics are unlike anything you have seen before.  Sure, it is similar to GTA IV’s rag-doll physics, but Rockstar added a lot more to it in Red Dead Redemption.  Everything looks a lot better and more realistic. Characters look as if they are trying to survive when they are shot.  Nothing looks bland.

Now, onto gameplay.  If you like westerns then this game will make you extremely happy. There are tons of weapons to choose from, all of which have amazing sounds to them.  Shotguns, Revolvers, Rifles, Fire Bottles, Lasso, and Knives are but some of what you can find within the world of Red Dead Redemption.  There are various weapons for each type of gun to be found and bought.  The game’s shooting mechanics are so much fun!  You can aim and shoot the same way as in GTA IV, with L2 for aiming and R2 for firing your weapon.  L1 is to open a weapon select wheel.  You can slow down time while aiming by pressing R3, this is called the Dead Eye System.  Slowing down time allows to you make precise shots on enemies.  This system has three different levels which you acquire as you do story missions.  The combination of Dead Eye and the rag-doll physics within the game is mouth-watering.  There is a cover system in Red Dead Redemption, you use R1 to get in and out of cover.  You can blind fire without aiming while in cover and you can move from cover to cover with R1; it is a good system and doesn’t mess up the combat at all.  Throughout the game you will have various story missions, side quests and random things to do.  There are various fun games to play if you want; like blackjack, poker, arm wrestling, horseshoe toss, and a few others.  There are wanted posters you can pick up in town to go after criminals; whom you can kill or tie up and bring back to the sheriff for extra money.

The missions within Red Dead Redemption are very epic and grand.  They have you doing things simple things at first like cattle herding and taming horses to eventually escorting trains with the Mexican Army, using Gatling guns on forts, and recuing prisoners in horse carriages.  My favorite part of the game by far are all the random things which occur to you while just exploring the land.  Rockstar has made the world very fun for you.  It is similar to the random encounters within Fallout 3; I think that is the best way of describing it.  Once I was riding along a road and I see this man in front of me get off his horse and start running, I followed him.  He ran toward a cactus and started peeing while making noise of relief.  It was a pretty surprising thing to see.  He then looked at me and said something in Spanish.  I then went on to shoot him in the back of his head.  That is the beauty of Red Dead Redemption, you can do whatever you like; be bad or be good.  There is a morality system in the game which tracks your Honor and Fame.  Have a low Honor and people will react to you different, have a high fame rating and more people will challenge you to duels.  You can hunt all kinds of animals within the game.  Bears, Birds,  Rabbits, Deer, Wolves, Coyotes, and many more.  Hunting becomes very addictive very quickly.  You can skin the animal you have killed and sell its various parts to stores.  There are challenges which are unlocked by killing certain animals a number of times and skinning them alive.  There are over a dozen outfits to unlock.  There is just SO MUCH TO DO IN THIS GAME, that I cannot cover it all in this review.

The multiplayer aspect of the game is solid.  You start playing multiplayer by being inserted into Free Roam.  The entire single player map is open to play with 16 other players.  This is the essentially the game lobby.  From there you can join various games like team deathmatch, free-for-all, and other objective based games like capturing bags of gold (almost like capture the flag).  There is a level system in multiplayer which allows you to unlock different mounts to ride on, different characters to play as, different titles to display, and various weapons to unlock within freeroam.  You can create posses within the freeroam in which you and other players can do whatever they want within the game map.  Want to fight the law together? Easily done.  Want to hunt together?  Easy as pie.  Once I finish the single player aspect of the game I know that I will spend a lot of time in multiplayer.

So what is Red Dead Redemption?  In my opinion, it is a true open world game.  I have not played an open world game like this before; and believe me I have played them all.  Rockstar has brought forth a stellar title which has amazing graphics, solid gameplay, and fantastic presentation.  I focused more on the gameplay aspect of things in this review because that is essentially what you are doing throughout the entire game.  The story is superb, that is all I want to say about it.  You will enjoy encountering small random things within the world.  I want to finish this review by describing a situation which happened to me in the game.

I was riding through some plains when I saw a man standing over a dead woman’s body.  I went up to the man and he looked at me and shot himself in the head, this wasn’t part of a cut scene or a mission; it was in-game.  Hopefully that will give you readers a sense of how intriguing, mysterious and just plain AWESOME the game is.


6 Responses to “Red Dead Redemption”

  1. Hey Aleksey… Great review, I just recently found out about this game and after reading this review I will go and buy it for xbox 360. Although I hear that the ps3 version will eventually have more downloadable features, the 360 version has 720p resolution and the ps3 version has only 660p. Having said that I will now go and buy my copy of “Grand Theft Horse”

  2. kornkock Says:

    Awesome review dude ill add a link of your blog on my page 🙂

  3. Dmitriy Says:

    Hey dude, pretty badass review haha, i liked it a lot. If you dont mind, I wanna suggest a few things tho. I’m sure from this review that you probably really like Red Dead Redemption right? I notice cause you never even said one word of criticism or place for improvement. I mean i’m sure it was a great game (I didnt play it) but you should be able to also give some criticisms and places for improvement (unless god made the game lol) if you are goin be giving a thorough review about something you know? I dunno, thats my opinion, so try not to let your love for the game bias your review aiiiite?

    • Yeah thats good advice man. I think I was in a state of euphoria while writing the review, from playing the game so much haha.. =P
      I will definitely take your advice =D

  4. I’m playing the “Undead Nightmares” addition right now
    Pretty cool so far. I particularly like tone of the comments made earlier
    by Vlad lol … “Grand Theft Horse” indeed

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