Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty Beta Preview

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I have been playing the Starcraft 2 beta for a few weeks, maybe close to a month, and I think it is safe to say that Blizzard is going to blow our minds once again with this game.  Starcraft has become somewhat of a legend among Real Time Strategy games.  Almost every RTS game that comes out is somehow compared to Starcraft or Starcraft: Brood War.  Although the original Starcraft was released in 1998, over 12 years ago, there is still an enormous amount of people that play it.  We all have memories of playing as either the Terran, Protoss or the Zerg online through Battle.Net.  We all remember the fun UMS maps online which we played, from Madness maps to Bound maps to RPG maps.  There was just so much to do with Starcraft and its map editor.  It’s name will live on through the ages. Continue reading


Lost Series Finale

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I don’t know about most of you folks but I love the TV show LOST.  This Sunday the show will actually be over, done, finished.  What will most of us “LOSTies” do when the show reaches its end?  I know that I will most likely never be attached to another show again =P  As strange as that sounds, after watching one show for 6 years I don’t think I have the energy be attached to a TV show anymore.  Continue reading

Red Dead Redemption

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So, I have just begun this blog and I will start it off by reviewing a game we are all probably playing right now, Red Dead Redemption.

As much as we all love hijacking cars, running people over, and exploring modern cities, there has been something missing deep inside most video gamers’ hearts.  What has been missing is a truly awesome and epic Western Game.  Mark my words ladies and gentlemen, Rockstar has done it here!  Whether it is just sitting on your horse by the edge of a cliff, mesmerized by the beautiful landscape.  Or lassoing your first pedestrian and dragging him on your horse across the entire map.  Or experiencing a ton of random encounters while riding through the wilderness.  There is always something to do in Red Dead Redemption.  The world can’t help but be alive around you while you are playing within it.  There is always something going on in the background, it could be a scream or shots fired or animals growling.  Some of the time you won’t even know where these sounds are coming from.  You may hear a gunshot but never find its source, that is the beauty of this game; its mystery. Continue reading